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Flappy Bird HD up on Windows 8.1

Flappy Bird HD up on Windows 8.1
Still manic game of Flappy Bird is not yet over , and today up " clone " to the new shop windows , in an attempt to revive the game for users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT .

The name of the game is Flappy Bird HD HD, and rely on the same playing style is easy, and requires that take advantage of the big screen to keep the bird flies between the obstacles that appear in front of him as much as possible , the same method , but it is characterized by the display clearer , that fit a lot with tablet devices and computers .
The game is free - with ads , of course - and works on all devices that contain operating systems Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows RT , including Tablet Service .
Finally , yes, the game almost entirely fake , but this new look may interest you , so download Arise Flappy Bird  HD from shop windows , and then told us the results in the comments .

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