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Children's Cancer: prevention and how to deal with your child

Children's Cancer: prevention and how to deal with your child
« No longer life as it was before , and no longer health as before , spread a lot of diseases have become an obsession for all » .. This is what is echoed by everyone in panic and fear severe , whenever we heard about the patient from friends or acquaintances , but if we think a little bit , we find that each era of his illnesses , in the past, in the era of grandmothers , spread malaria, typhoid and cholera , but the birth were not easy as it is today , and received a lot of mothers and babies died.

So do not Tgzei .. and remember always that every era of his illnesses , all you have to do you recognize that as a mother to the disease and ways to prevent it and its symptoms , and how to deal with therapeutic and psychologically , and leave the rest to God.First: What is CancerCancer is transformed cell in the body to a cancer cell is divided and spread quickly to attack normal cells , and the tissue begins to grow is called a tumor .Secondly, the types of tumorsTumors are two benign and malignant , are not benign tumors cancer and can be removed surgically , and often do not come back again , they do not pose a risk in itself, but prefers to treat fear of transformation to a cancerous tumor , and malignant tumors are cancerous tumors spread and divided into new cells without control , It has the ability to attack cells and normal tissue and damaging it , causing stoppage of work by a patient , but members nearby .. Thus, the transmission of infection from a member to another and from one device to another .Cancer often begins in the lymph nodes and transmitted to members near through the blood , and takes its name from a patient .Children are like adults do , and the most common cancer among children leukemia , but children are characterized as adults they are responding to treatment are much higher.In the case of skepticism in the infection, the doctor begins to make Vhsoat Kalohaat CT , and so on , to make sure of his place and the extent of its spread .• Do not hesitate to show it to more than one doctor if you you can not take the decision , or to make sure your child .• Look for human doctor and the doctor is not a merchant , because he will know how to deal with small and Mekma as parents , and Pray for him to explain the situation as completely , and ways of treatment, success rates , and Kuna partners in decision-making .Third: the questions that need to be asked1 . The type of cancer and how common is it?2 . What kinds of tests are needed?3 . What remedies ?4 . Have you ever dealt with other children from this disease? What is the success rate of their medicine ?5 . What is the best place it can be to have a child therapy ?6 . Sleeve will continue treatment?7 . What are the possible side effects ? Is it the effects of a temporary or ongoing ?8 . What are the ways to reduce the side effects ?9 . You will stay in the hospital? Can it be cured without a stay in the hospital?10 . What are the things that the children should be avoided ? Is there a fear of contagious diseases on the little ones ?11 . Can a child go to school ?12 . The cost of treatment and average annually ?13 . Psychologically how to deal with small and I'm working on configured to accept the disease?Fourth:
 How talking with your child ?
• prefers not to hide it from the child , but it depends on the age and personality in a way to tell him about it , concealment will not be a solution forever , because in most cases will be heard a small relatives or hospital staff or any other person is talking .Ways kind that I have seen for myself the story told by the Labuan Sgerhma injured and was in fifth , told him : « I had you the opportunity to be a knight strong brave , have attacked the army of crabs small island of young children , and that he should save them » , then explained to him disease.• whenever he was younger he would not know the truth about the disease that does not hesitate to concerns that frightened us, not to tolerate Garkme from relatives to open a dialogue with him « ye doctor » .• The brothers had a larger or smaller must explain it to them according to their age , to cooperate with you and understand Aptaadkm them at certain times , and provide support for their brother .• Antkie relatives of the most compassionate, the hardest positions to assist you with small or brothers .Fifth: How it Taatqublan• understanding of the matter and Tqublah Valdnaa House scourge , and a refugee Alhmkma to God for patience and righteousness.• Do not Tdzaa it has evolved a lot from the past .• Do not Tdjala Khovkma appears in front of him ever .• Kuna to Bedkma Sindh and broadcast Hmomkma always , lest Tdtrban after a period .• Do not Tenseea Ibnaúkma others.

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